Notable Contributions

The list of worthy contributors and to the African American history and experience at NC State is endless.  However, we have listed a few special recognitions here of names and stories you should know.   We hope to continue the growth of this page with new item information as we come across it or through recommendations from our members.

Fabulous 50: African American Cultural Center

Rupert NacosteAlumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor, First Vice Provost for Diversity and African American Affairs

Tracy RayFormer Assistant Vice Provost for Student Diversity



Robert Clemons and Hardy ListonFirst African American Graduate Students Admitted

The First Four (Ed Carson, Manuel Crockett, Irwin Holmes, Walter Holmes)  – The first African American undergraduate students admitted

Justina WilliamsFirst African American woman academic staff member

Hazel Virginia Clark –  First African American Woman Masters’ Degree Recipient

Dorothy WilliamsFirst African American instructor with faculty ranking

Norma Wright GarciaFirst African American Woman Undergraduate Degree Recipient