Message from the Chairs

Hello AAFSO Members,

While there are several organizations doing great things at the university to provide support to faculty, staff, and students as a whole, none have a membership tailored to focus specifically on advancement involving African American Faculty and Staff. We feel that this organization  fills a very valuable space on our campus. We are members of the NC State African American and Black community, but also members of the local, national, and global African American communities. While the events of 2020 have spotlighted the ongoing systemic issues involving race, equity, and inclusion in all these communities, we believe AAFSO can build bridges and work to advance these issues here at NC State.

As the newly elected officers, we are excited to increase engagement within our AAFSO membership. While COVID-19 and personal safety is always prioritized, where applicable face-to-face meetings and gatherings will be coordinated on an as needed basis. The Executive Committee’s focus is to continue to support the strong foundation of administration, organizational ideas, pool of resources and goals that will prepare the organization for continued success. We feel that with the right plan of action and engagement, the AAFSO organization can provide an instrumental line of communication to university leadership involving the issues directly concerning our constituency.  We are seeking your input and support as we can continue to champion and solicit a more engaged AAFSO. A thriving AAFSO is uniquely positioned to provide input needed to address the increased recruitment, hiring, and retention needs of the University through a sense of community, mentorship, and professional development.

As Chairs, we Thank You for your ongoing commitment and ask for your continuous support in ensuring AAFSO reflects the stand-out organization at NC State and work to fulfill its core mission to support and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion within the NC State faculty and staff community.  We invite you to reach out with your thoughts and ideas, activities, or suggestions that will engage both faculty and staff members and bring value to the organization.  To borrow from our previous AAFSO Chair, “the power of the organization is in your participation. A few voices can make a difference. A couple of hundred voices can move mountains.”  Help us make AAFSO a partner and advocate in the NC State campus community as we strive to truly become OnePACK.

AAFSO Chairs