The African American Faculty and Staff Organization at North Carolina State University was establish in the 1970’s to support and advocate for African American faculty, staff and students on the North Carolina State University campus.

The organization is not exclusive to this University. There are several Universities and Colleges in North Carolina that have similar missions. I personally feel that our organization, and others like ours, have a very valuable place in Colleges and Universities. As members of the African American campus community, we cannot forget that we are also members of the local, national and global communities. AAFSO, as an organization, must begin to look at the systemic issues and address them. As the Chair, I am asking for your support to help AAFSO maintain its core mission to support and advocate for the greater well-being of the NC State African American Community.

The first step in achieving the goals is to show your support for the organization. A few voices can make a difference. A couple of hundred voices can move mountains. The power of the organization is your participation. Secondly, you can help us establish forums, events and community service opportunities that will have an impact, not only on our campus, but in our communities. Third, AAFSO is more than willing to create partnerships with other campus clubs and organizations, schools and community groups and with our regional colleges/universities.

Your voice can be heard, but you have to be willing to speak. This is our organization and we need you!